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HealthLancer Booking

Table of Contents

Who is HealthLancer?
Difference between On Call Consultant, Locum Doctor &Healthlancer
What is Healthlancing?
How can Healthlancing be beneficial to doctors?
Benefits why Clinics & Hospitals should hire Healthlancers
How to find jobs for Healthlancing?

About Healthlancer Booking


As the world became obsessed with being your own boss, the concept of freelancing took off. Remote working and flexible hours became desirable, achievable and the number of people turning to freelancers skyrocketed.

In general Freelancing term used in other professions means a task-based project which is remotely done.

The meteoric rise of internet capabilities played a huge role in the ascension of the digital nomad. Telemedicine has Flourished during the crisis, yet only minimal consultations are effective. Also, Patients Knowledge, availability & use of technology can be limiting factors.

For procedures & surgeries, Dr's presence & healthcare setup are mandatory. As Drs are well educated, technology acception& use is much easier, making it more practical.

Who is HealthLancer?

Healthlancer, an undefined and unnamed word, have been in practice from several years, they rely heavily on their network, word of mouth & In-person visit to Hospitals & clinics.

They are similar to freelancers, but in physical presence, as a doctor’s touch in healing is irreplaceable.We at decided to name and elucidate “Healthlancer” to the world for the ease of communication as well as highlight it’s importance &existence.

Healthlancers are specialist who earns through case completion at different practices instead of fulltime job at one practice. They work on flexible work hours and their work is task/case-based.

Now, they’re able to simply create an online profile and Practices looking for Doctors can find them at “”

Difference between On Call Consultant, Locum Doctor &Healthlancer-

Though various names are being used like

On call Consultation- With the arise of Telemedicine & Home care medicine, on call applies to telephonic availability of Dr. Also it is frequently a conversation between Dr & Patient

Locum doctors are salary paid employees with day to day jobs for few months mostly as a temporary replacement, with payment as monthly salary. Whereas Healthlancerswork on case-based tasks &receive case-based pay instead of monthly salary (which can be a percentage or fixed price))

What is Healthlancing

It’s the process not just confined to clinician booking a Healthlancer. It also include Healthlancer booking a clinic by utilizing Clinic booking service at

How can Healthlancing be beneficial to doctors?

Benefits why Clinics & Hospitals should hire Healthlancers

Skilled Healthlance talent helps practices unlock their potential by solving complex cases, getting more work done, and completing treatment faster.

How to find jobs for Healthlancing?

If you’re considering breaking into the world of healthlancing, whether as a side hustle, a part-time job, or a full-time job starting a healthlance practice, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike any other platform, provides visibility to & of Healthlancers

The process of registration at is extremely simple. Just a few easy steps and software makes Healthlancing easy to find, with a better experience, related to your interest and qualifications.

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