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Clinic/Hospital Co-sharing

Table of Contents

What is Clinic/Hospital co-sharing?
Benefits of booking a clinic as an Individual Doctor
Benefits Of Clinic Co-sharing to a clinician or a hospital owner
Where can I find a clinic for myself?

What is Clinic/Hospital co-sharing?

We often have heard about co-working spaces where workers from different fields share the same roof and practice their own professionalism. But do you know co-working can be the future of medical system thereby benefitting doctors, dentist along with clinic and hospital owners. It is now termed as “clinic/hospital booking”.

Clinic Co-sharing includes 2 processes

  • A clinician books a healthlancer (consultant) to his/her clinic/hospital.- Healthlancer booking
  • This is a newly added way, where a Doctor (Who can be a Healthlancer or an academicians or a clinician) can book a clinic/hospital to treat his own patients ( can be friends, family, neighbours or referals).- Clinic booking

  • Your clinic is capable of earning money.

    Well, we at have brought clinic booking for medical professionals where one can book a clinic/ hospital for themselves and treat their own patients there. On the contrary the owner of the clinic or a hospital can share their resources and space with others.

    Benefits of booking a clinic as an Individual Doctor

    1. You can’t say no to patients.
      • You may be a Healthlancer without owning a practice, yet a Doctor in a family is often a Doctor of the village & a Doctor of entire neighbourhood along with family & friends.
      • You may be a full-time academician yet can now practice in your convinient hours.
      • You may be a mother of growing child who cannot work on all days or 8hrs a day.
      • You may be a clinician with practice in one location yet patients in other locations & cities can now be treatable by you.
      • You may be clinician of a regular or small clinic & you can book another clinic or hospital with expensive equipment & machines to treat particular cases.
      • You may be a retired Doctor with some time at hand to practice without owning the responsibility of entire setup.

      • Imagine travelling to a new city and a patient (through your friend or family) approaching you there. You don’t own a clinic there, How will you treat your patient? You can always book a clinic for yourself and continue with your profession over there, without disappointing your patient.

    2. Get rid of huge bills and taxes

      The taker gets to use the available resources along with the nurses and assistants available in the clinic or hospital. They don’t have to pay huge bills and taxes and monthly wages to workers, repairs, renewals, stocks & hiring. They can treat their patients by hiring a desired clinic for themselves.

    3. Collaboration

      Working with a lot number of people though on individual projects maintains efficiency and a sense of effectiveness among the colleagues. Working in isolation makes the job boring and monotonous.

    4. Affordability

      Instead of acquiring large spaces and establishing the clinic and hospitals there, one can always book a well-equipped medical setup for themselves. This leads to “establishment without investment”.

    5. Flexibility

      You can decide on your working days & time. Decide when you want to take off without applying for leaves or asking permission. We are hoping this feature would exceptionally be beneficial to married female Doctors & mothers of growing kids.

    6. Location

      Co-working spaces allow you to choose a desired location nearby your place and take your patient there for treatment which leads to saving your time.

    7. Work at your convenience even after retirement

      Elderly doctors and dentist who are not willing to work full time under hospitals can book a clinic for themselves and treat their patients near to their home. This will help them continue their practice without additional load of fulltime management.

    8. Progress

      Treating patients other than your own clinic or hospital helps you grow in your area and adds on to your profile and CV. Digital stamping adds visible stars to your profile leads to heightening which leads to more job opportunities.

    9. Increasing employment among doctors

      Clinic co sharing helps in increasing employment among doctors & dentists . As 70% of Doctors are self employed due to lack of job opportunities & most of them cannot afford to establish a infrastructure or are at a life changing point where marriage may lead to shift of location, leads to underemployment & depression. Now doctors & dentists can be Healthlancers & earn even without owning a clinic to treat their patients, they can always book a clinic via site and perform their task. Hence, increasing employment rate in medical field.

    Benefits Of Clinic Co-sharing to a clinician or a hospital owner

    1. Increase patient foot fall.

      A hospital or clinic owner can always increase the number of patients by lending their clinic to other fellow doctors. Patients use “word of mouth” to spread about all the co-workers working in that particular clinic or hospital.This will bring advantages to both the giver and taker of the space.

    2. Grow into Multispeciality practice

      Ease of specialist in 2 clicks would let you diagnose better as your eyes can find problems which can now be treated at your place.

    3. Better ROI

      As establishment n machinary, medical equipments are expensive investments Return on investment can be improved by increasing their usage. You can always bring about a boost in your earning by sharing your space and resources and charging the desired amount from the taker.

    4. Networking

      Meet more people/ fellow colleagues, they learn from you & you learn from them. Network = Net worth. Improve your network.

    5. Motivation

      A much needed pill in doctor’s life is motivation. Witnessing nth number of patients someday whereas no patients other day can be disturbing. Eyeing other doctors and dentist doing diligent and hard work can bring a sense of motivation to keep going and stay focused.

    Where can I find a clinic for myself?

    Searching for a clinic has become a very easy task with platform. has used the intelligent technology in the most effective manner and acted as an aggregate for all the job giving platforms. provides you with clear pictures and ratings of the clinic you are looking for. One has to just register themselves at and find a clinic or a hospital according to their needs.

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