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Healthcare system in India

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Statistic Representation of healthcare system:

When it comes to medical field, India has over 1.2 million doctors out of 1378.6 million people. Out of these we have 72% doctors in metros with 32% of the Indian population and 30% in rural areas with 68% of the population. Now this creates big differences. This data clearly shows how abundant yet unevenly distributed the medical field is.

Talking about the employment rate nearly 20-30% medical students are not working in medical field. This is simply not using the resources available and it leads to unavailability and inaccessibility to the patients who need treatment and equipment.

The old saying goes like, “The waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity”.

Here, we simply aren’t making the right use of the right people at the right time. Nearly 2.4 million people die in India every year because of delayed treatments and poor healthcare systems. An article reported,

“1 doctor for 1,511 people, 1 nurse for 670 patients, Covid-19 exposes India’s healthcare *fault lines*”

How do we resolve this issue?

In order to overcome the scarcity or rather we should say unavailability of doctors and nurses, came up with a very simple yet very different idea driven from B2B method.

We are a platform where doctors join hands with other doctors including Homeopathic, Allopathic, Ayurveda, Dentist as well as nurses including all medical specialties increasing employment and efficient man power distribution in healthcare sector.

We focus on “filling the gap between need and availability” so that no citizen becomes the victim of late treatments and lack of medicinal needs.

We believe that “health is human right and it should be given at all cost what may come.”

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