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Best consulting jobs in Healthcare

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The onset of flexi work life
Who are healthlancers?

1. Flexibility
2. Increased income
3. Variety of cases
3. No need to spend on infrastructure




In most professions worldwide, people want to be independent and work flexible hours at their convenience. ‘Freelancers,’ as they are called, can work from home in a remote setting and complete assigned tasks at their own pace to meet deadlines. In the medical profession, doctors in different specializations and dentists have also been slowly adopting this culture of need-based availability. is a platform for ‘healthlancers’ to make themselves available through our portal, to be contacted by clinics and hospitals as and when cases require.


Healthlancers are like freelancers, except they must attend to cases in person and not remotely. It is neither a full-time engagement nor a small role but rather an arrangement where doctors register as healthlancers at the website and attend to procedures, surgeries, consultations, and emergency cases on a flexible and case-based foundation. Accordingly, they are paid per the completion of each case and not on a full-time basis. Therefore, their timings are also flexible, case-based, and not fixed. Healthlancing is different from on-call consulting because the latter is a relationship between a patient and doctor using telemedicine. On the other hand, the former is an arrangement between a clinic/hospital and a medical specialist, and their payment terms are likewise case-based and not fixed.


At, clinics/hospitals needing medical specialists and dentists can go through the profiles of registered doctors, i.e., those who have made themselves visible on our portal, to be called on a case-by-case basis. The system shows the physical distance of said doctors, the field they specialize in and their years of experience, among other details. Registration can be done by allopathic doctors, dentists, nurses, BAMS and BHMS doctors, whose profiles will then show up whenever clinics and hospitals search to check which doctor can be requested to visit their hospital to attend to a particular case. The clinics can select the qualification and specialization as per requirement. They can then book the professional after checking all details. After that, both the clinic and healthlancer will receive a notification through email and SMS, and the website calendar will be updated accordingly.



Doctors can decline or accept requests from clinics and hospitals and work at hours suited to them. This gives them ownership over how they wish to spend the available time and how many hours they devote to attending the cases in person.


Working as a healthlancer means that a doctor can earn from more than one source. Since it offers flexibility, they can carry out their practice along with other jobs and professional commitments. Healthlancers can earn handsome amounts by accepting several requests at a time.


Taking up different cases and visiting different clinics and hospitals to attend those cases offers medical professionals a great degree of experience and exposure. It offers a break in the monotony and simultaneously enhances their medical expertise.


Since clinics and hospitals call doctors to attend cases using their infrastructure, doctors need not spend on those and can save costs. Equipment, space, and everything needed to carry out the practice smoothly can be used at the clinic or hospital where they are called for healthlancing.


Flexibility of working hours and the work environment implies that the doctors need not depend upon anyone for salary increments and other financial benefits. They can reduce or increase the number of cases they take up, knowing that their income will ultimately correspond to much they choose to work. This control over one’s advancement in career adds to growth and experience and up to several years of comprehensive experience.
From the above, one can deduce that 'healthlancing' is the future of medical practice. All professionals prefer control and ownership over their career growth graph, and is a platform created to help doctors and hospitals expand their reach, practice, experience, and exposure. Working as a ‘healthlancer’ offers multiple advantages to doctors and is a valuable decision they can make in their medical career. Visit and register now!